Olio Novo

Of bright green color, the 2019 Olio Novo edition is a Mediterranean blend of four varietals: Manzanilla, Coratina, Picholine and Hojiblanca. It has an aroma of vegetables with hints of green leaves, fresh cut grass, Eucalyptus and tomatoes. It lasts and fills the mouth with hints of nutmeg, dried fruit and pepper that give this olive oil a bitter and spicy scent in the throat. Limited edition blend produced with the best varietals of each year that are specially chosen to produce a unique, noble and extremely fresh AOVE.


Pairs best with: Red meat, strong-flavored seafood, soups, sauces and ethnic salads.

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Type:                                      Extra Virgen

Size:                                      250 ml – 500 ml

Region:                                 Garzón / Uruguay              

Varietal:                               Manzanilla, Coratina, Picholina y Hojiblanca

Harvest:                               Año 2019

Producer:                            Agroland S.A.

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