Giovanni Alessandro

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Giovanni Alessandro is a 4,000-bottle limited edition of a high quality extra virgin olive oil. It is an early harvest oil, extracted from specially selected European varieties. Its particular taste, with complex but harmonious flavour, aimed at challenging the most demanding palates. It has a strong intensity, with a predominance of green fruitiness with notes of tomato plants, mowed grass, green pepper, almonds, thyme and artichoke. In the mouth it is silky, bitter and quite spicy, persistent but very balanced.

Food pairing:

We recommend serving it with Mediterranean cuisine, fresh or cooked ingredients, mature cheeses, cured hams and marinated or grilled meats.


In 1873, Giovanni Alessandro arrived in South America from Olgiate Comasco, located in the Lombardy region of Italy.

The legacy left by Giovanni Alessandro highlights the importance of personal development based on excellent education, hard work, discipline and solid life principles.

The communion between innovation and tradition is possible, it is a continuous path while searching for perfection. Every bottle produced of this limited edition extra virgin olive oil pays tribute to him.

It is only possible to produce the best oil from the best raw material. The geology of the Garzón area is the first thing that distinguishes us, as it belongs to the 2,500-million-year-old Crystalline Basement, providing a unique terroir to our olive groves.

On the other hand, the proximity to the sea provides the crops with gradual temperature changes, which contribute to differentiate our product.

In our five-hundred-hectare olive grove, we apply innovative agricultural practices that ensure high quality with the utmost respect for the environment.

We protect nature and nature pays us back our extra virgin olive oil. It is our olive groves, in coexistence with the flora and fauna of a unique biodiversity, that teach us and inspire us.

Tradition is combined with the most modern technology to obtain a unique product. Harvesting and processing is done exclusively at dawn, ensuring low temperatures during transport to our boutique oil mill. The oil is obtained through a first cold extraction with state-of-the-art equipment, following the most rigorous production and quality control protocols.