A few kilometers away from the Uruguayan coastline, our story began when we discovered a hidden hideout in Punta del Este, near Pueblo Garzón, and decided to build a “little Tuscany” on the South. This exclusive scenario, where the ocean meets the hills, offers the best environment for our olive trees. 


Over 5.000 hectares our olive trees grow in perfect harmony with nature. With a varietal garden of more than a dozen varieties from Italy, Spain, France, Israel and Argentina. We combine an Italian heritage with the unique spirit of our fields to create our renowned and awarded blends.


Our boutique mill has the latest industrial equipment and a milling capacity of 130 tons of olives per day which allows us to produce high-quality EVOO with the fruit of our own groves. We deeply care about the environment and our land,  and use sustainable production methods to create the most fresh olive oils meeting the highest standards required by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC).


HarvestOlives are picked from the trees. At Colinas de Garzón the harvest is done in two ways: manually and also using a machine that “hugs” the tree and vibrates to make the olives fall.

CleaningStems, leaves, twigs, and other debris are removed. Then the olives are washed with water to remove the dirt that might be left before beginning the oil extraction.

MilingOlives are crushed to tear the flesh cells to facilitate the release of the oil from the vacuoles. This way we obtain the olive paste.

MalaxingThe paste is mixed to allow the small oil droplets to combine into bigger ones.

CentrifugeThe oil is separated from the rest of the olive components. This process eliminates any remaining dirt, water or solids left.

ScaleThe olive oil is weighed and goes through different sensory analysis for a first quality classification.

Olive MillTechnical procedures take place. This generally lasts several weeks.

FiltrationThe oil goes through different filters to definitely eliminate any remaining dirt, solids or humidity. The oil acquires the necessary properties that allow the product to last in optimal conditions.

BottlingThe olive oil is bottled and labeled.