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The roots of this oil are found just a few kilometers away from the Uruguayan coastline, where the natural landscape of popular tourist area Jose Ignacio and Punta del Este is surrounded by our plantations. This exclusive scenario offers the best environment possible to our olive trees. Neighboring Garzon Lagoon, a previously undiscovered spot beyond La Barra, in Maldonado, where ten years ago we began building "the little Tuscany" in Uruguay.

The features of such an exquisite region inspired the foundations of Agroland, where the Italian inherited flavors and our spirit are combined to create delicatessen products for gourmet palates.

The charm of this place where the ocean meets the hills, is portrayed in the postcards of Garzon. This small town was selected by the renowned chef Francis Mallmann, to establish Hotel & Restaurant Garzon, where he cooks exclusively with "Colinas de Garzon" extra virgin olive oil.

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