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All our olive oils are of extra-virgin quality.

Pure yellow and mild fruity aroma, it has a delicate smell of clover prairies. Soft but with character, it results in a round and pleasant oil with a bitter scent in the palate and slightly pungent in the throat. It has a sweet end which transfroms it into the best choice to enhance the flavor of foods. Ideal for green-bitter-leaf salads, pasta and rice, as well as for white fish and hot vegetables.

Deep golden and intense fruity aroma, it has a subtle clean smell of fresh olives. Bitter and potent, it results in an enclosing type of oil, that lasts and fills the mouth, with a good body and spicy in the throat, not aggressive though. Ideal for meats and strong-flavor seafood, red fish and ethnic salads, as well as for stews.

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